Adventures and Victories Week 11

Adventures and Victories Week 11

Another crazy week under my belt in this new year. Tell me, is the weather as crazy where you are as it is here? We’ve been rocketing back and forth between 30 and 60 degrees since Christmas. My poor head is begging for a stable climate! Oh well. On to this week’s adventures and victories.

  1. Minor Victory: I created a new bullet journal design for my daily page. It’s simpler and so much faster to create. I love making fancy pages when I have time, but too often I don’t. I’m loving this new super simple page since it works the exactly the same as my fancier page. If you’re interested in bullet journals–which I love because I can track my ENTIRE life in one spot–check out my Time Management and Organization board on Pinterest.
  2. Health Adventure: I am trying to lose weight and get in shape. Ugh… but only a little. I usually hate this type of thing, but I’m kind of enjoying it. I already cook pretty healthy meals, but I’m cutting down on the snacking–replacing my usual candy and chips with fruit and popcorn. And I’m adding about 30 minutes of exercise a day. Have you heard of Slim Calm Sexy Yoga? Well, it’s kicking my butt! But I’ve already lose 3 pounds, so it seems like the combination is working.
  3. Productivity Victory: I’ve been working this past month to set up a blog tour to kick off the launch of Sketchy Tacos, my YA travel novel. This week I wrote up three guest posts in addition to my two weekly posts here on the blog. I’m pretty excited about these posts and can’t wait to share them with you!
  4. Tactile Adventure: I’ve started crocheting a new blanket with a new kind of yarn. I’ve mainly worked with Red Heart Super Saver because it comes in a lot of colors and it’s affordable–I crochet really fast. This week I’m testing out Bernat Baby Coordinates, which is super soft and comes in some really cute colors. It’s creating a nice, thin blanket that will be perfect for summer!
  5. Mega Victory: Sketchy Tacos is now available for pre-order on Amazon! I could not be more excited!!!! I’ve got my author page set up and it’s now available on Goodreads! It’s starting to feel real now! Less than two weeks until Sketchy Tacos goes live! Click to order the e-book for only $3.99 and get it delivered straight to your device on February 7th. Aaaaahhhhhhhh! Excitement!

Sketchy Tacos Cover Image

What’s new for you this week? Share your favorite adventures and victories with me in the comments! 

Love, Meg D. Gonzalez

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