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I'm a tea-sipping, adventure-seeking, pug-loving kind of girl. I'm crazy for God and want to share his love with awesome girls around the globe.

It’s the Little Things: Tea and other munchies

After a crazy day of revamping the site to better serve you, I'm finally back! This segment will usually be on Fridays, but I figure there's no reason to skip a week just because the site was down yesterday. Each week I want to take the time to get to know you and for you to know me. So we'll focus on what makes up life: the little things. Everybody has a favorite food. I'm not talking about that special, once a year meal you get on your birthday. I'm talking about that gotta have every day or the day is not complete food or drink. For my husband, it's premium coffee. For my sister, it's candy. For my mom, [...]

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Oh Boy!

Macrocosm by Martin Walls Recently a reader asked some really great questions about guys and dating that I think a lot of girls might be asking. 1. How do you prepare your heart for a Godly relationship? You pray that God is preparing your heart. But beyond that, there's not a lot you can do. It's different than everything else, and honestly it's really scary. At some point you have to decide to trust them with everything--your hopes, your fears, your heart. That requires opening yourself up for hurt, and with the wrong person it will hurt. But with the right one, it will be worth it. 2. How do you know if what you got is the real [...]

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Psst… Did You Hear?

Gossip Girl 1 by Sanja Gjenero "Promise you won't tell anyone." ​ How often is this phrase used? How often do we say, "Sure!" but then turn around and tell another friend, using the exact same phrase? I know I've done it. And without meaning to, I've started gossiping. Ask Health says, gossiping is sharing a shocking or personal detail about someone else. When we begin to gossip we hurt not only others but also ourselves. Someone who gossips will begin to find themselves isolated because friends will know they can't be trusted to keep the information. Their honesty will be questioned because they've broken a promise to gain a quick laugh or a moment of superiority. And when the [...]

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Beauty and the Beast (otherwise known as the Mirror)

Reflections by Katie Tegtmeyer So yesterday I got a heat rash. Not super surprising, it is July after all. But when I look in the mirror, I start to wilt. I've got angry red patches creeping up my cheeks, blistering spots across my forehead and in my ears. To top it all off the cream I have to put on them makes me look like a big old grease ball. There are days that mirrors are just not my friend--when I've discovered a new constellation of zits or I've gained a few pounds or my hair decides to create a 'fro of frizz. As girls, we are decidedly hard on ourselves. We focus on the one flaw instead [...]

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It’s Not a Moving Train

Steam by Randen Pederson All throughout high school and college, my mother would tell me "A relationship is not a moving train. You can always get off." As a girl, I felt a lot of pressure to find a good Christian guy and get married. My parents got married at the ripe old ages of nineteen and twenty... Just to turn up the heat on that pressure cooker. As a result, my relationships got real serious, real fast. One minute we'd be on the first date, the next we're saying those three little words, and then before I could take a breath we're talking about wedding dates and baby names. And then I see the first red flag. [...]

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Welcome to Beauty in the Mess

Fashion Jewelry by Ida04mcr1 Growing up my mother called me "the tornado" because she said I created a mess wherever I went. She meant that I left a trail of shoes and books and yarn in my wake, but so often it felt as if the things going on around me were a mess too. My high school days were littered with troubled relationships, piles of homework, and pressure all around. It was so easy to get lost in the little things that I would forget to see the whole wonderful picture. God used those days to shape me into a strong, smart, confident woman. I learned how to handle myself and the situations surrounded me. Sometimes it was hard and [...]

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