Adventures and Victories: Week 4

It's been a hectic week, where I've felt as if my wheels have been spinning non-stop, but I haven't gotten a lot done. This could be because I always over-plan my day and then when I can't accomplish it all (surprise, surprise) I don't feel like I've gotten enough done. I'll need to work on that. But that feeling is all the more reason that I'm glad I do this post. It's the perfect reminder of all the things that went right this week! Adventure: I've started bullet journaling! I'm so excited. It's been so much fun checking out all the amazing Pinterest pins and fabulous articles around the blog-o-sphere. I'm starting really simple, because those gorgeous, elaborate journals take [...]

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God’s Love and Suffering: How Can They Coexist?

As a Christian writer, each of my books includes a struggle to understand one aspect of God and His love. I am not preachy or over the top (I've had some strong critics verify this), but it's my way of exploring and working through my own understanding of God alongside the characters. In the romantic suspense novel I'm currently working on, I tackle the question of "How can God's love and suffering coexists in the world? How can I trust a God who allows this suffering to happen?" Man, I did not know what I was getting myself into. For the first draft, I did a little research and pushed through the question. When I got the responses back from my [...]

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Adventures and Victories: Week 3

I'd originally wanted to title this segment Everyday Adventures. My husband argued that wasn't the best title when my adventures consisted of visiting castles and wandering the streets of Europe, but now I'm back home and I see the appeal of the title once more. It's not as easy to identify adventures in my day-to-day life back in Indiana, but that's why it's even more important that I do so. Identifying the adventures both big and small in my life keeps my mind in a positive outlook. And it makes all the difference! Big Adventure: I'm beginning work on Book 2 in the International Adventures series! I've got a pretty good grasp on the main plot points. So now I'm [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of an Online Course

I've opted for taking various online classes in lieu of pursuing a masters degree. To me, this is the equivalent of using a surgical knife instead of a sledge hammer. I'm getting exactly what I need, and not spending my time and money on classes like 1800's Literature (cue the snoring). What's more, I'm learning from people who are out in the world, succeeding at what teach. It's been pretty great so far. But that's not to say, I haven't had a couple duds. Before signing up for a class, read the fine print to ensure that they have a 100% money back guarantee for at least 30 days. And then make sure you thoroughly check out the material within [...]

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Not My Story: Author vs. Character

My first novel, Sketchy Tacos, is coming out on Feb. 7! This has been a three-year-long passion project of mine. Ever since I traveled to Mexico for the first time, I knew I had to write a book set there. The world of Mexico was so different from the stereotypes I'd heard. It was beautiful and vibrant, full of life and culture. And I just had to share. But the moment I tell people that the book is about a sheltered, Indiana teen traveling to Mexico for the first time, they say, "So it's about you, right?" The answer is a resounding, no. I am not my novel. Sure, Mila and I share some characteristics, but I am not her, and [...]

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Adventures & Victories: Week 2

My time in Europe is drawing to a close. I've loved being here so when I think about it too much, I start to get a little melancholy. So instead, I've chosen to think about all the adventures & victories I'm looking forward to at home: home-cooked meals, laundry in my own house, and no longer living out of a suitcase. Even more than that, I can't wait to see my family, friends, and of course my little pug, Pascal. God has blessed me with a great life, and I get to go back to it. There's nothing sad about that! Adventure: I got to go to Neuschwanstein Castle, otherwise known as Cinderella's castle. It was set against the background of snowy [...]

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Discover Rome Part 2: History Around Every Corner

Rome was so amazing that I simply could not fit it into a single post. So here is Discover Rome Part 2--a sampling of some of the many other delights that we found while in Rome. One of the most amazing things about Rome is that everywhere you walk, you bump into something beautiful and historic. The city was littered with little plazas and eateries everywhere. The food was incredible and the architecture was even more so. You could seriously spend weeks combing the city and not find everything there was to see. I've highlighted three of the biggest attractions below, but I want to also mention the Pantheon (and the little Antique Salumeria on its square), the Spanish Steps, [...]

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Who I Am: Adventurer (And What’s in It for You)

If you've been around the last couple weeks, you'll know that I've been working through some of Chris Guillebeau's awesome resources on his The Art of Non-Conformity website. Why, you might ask? Because I'm trying to create some of my own awesome resources for you. By nature, I am a Maven--a collector and distributor of information. (Just ask my friend, Melissa. I think I recommend a book or article to her about every other day.) So what does that mean for this site? I was ashamed to realize/admit, I've been doing a horrible job of giving you great information. Apart from offering blog posts I hope you'll like and find enriching, I've been keeping a lot of my knowledge to [...]

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Adventures & Victories: Week 1

I'm trying something new. For at least the next 10 weeks, every Friday, I'm going to post 5 everyday adventures and victories. It's my version of the Thankful Thursday or the 100 Happy Days challenge. I am striving to change my mindset and see what might once have been a drudgery as an everyday adventure or victories. I came. I saw. I conquered the tiny European shower. As funny as this sounds, I am most proud of my victory over the shower. The first week I was here, I flooded the bathroom. Every. Single. Day. And I seriously mean flooded, wading through water kind of flooded. Now I am able to shower without getting a single drop outside of the [...]

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Discover Rome Part 1: The Colosseum 

Rome! We finally made it! Alan and I were both looking forward to discovering this incredible city. Everywhere you turn, there's a statue or fountain or square of importance. It's really cool. We devoted our first full day to the Roman forum, Paladine Hill, and Colosseum. Now it would've been really easy to just walk around and think "Ooo, more rocks," so I insisted we get a tour. Ruins need explanation. And our tour guide painted an incredible picture. And I, of course, want to share it with you! So welcome to Discover Rome: The Colosseum. Sunday The Roman forum was flooded and buried so that there are level upon level of history. The lower you go, the earlier the [...]

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