There are so many good books. So I’m sharing some of the best!

Who I Am: Writer

My site and my attitude have been undergoing some changes. Thanks to some lessons by Tim Grahl and Chris Guillebeau, I got a new perspective and new lease on life. That's right, on life. Not just on my blog. I've taken a serious look at who I am and what my goals are. And you know what? They haven't matching my actions. I'm changing that starting today by revealing something very dear to my heart that I've barely touched upon in this blog. Confession: I am 25, and I've been a novelist for 11 years. This is when people start to look at me funny at writer's conferences. I am too young to have so much experience tucked under my belt, [...]

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World Domination and other Life Goals

Here yea, here yea! All hail Empress Meg! Oh, no wait. That was just a nice little dream I had. I'm awake now. You may or may not remember, that as a part of my 25 goals for this year, I'm bent on edu-ma-cating myself. Right now, I'm taking a class called Instant Bestseller by Tim Grahl, who's a pretty awesome, super smart dude. In addition to watching videos that make me go out and do stuff like start an amazing newsletter *cough, cough, Please sign up! cough, cough*, I sometimes have reading assignments. Which is how I came to discover Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity community, and A Brief Guide to World Domination. If you like tongue-in-cheek, motivational guides, [...]

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Big Announcement!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to bring you a big announcement! I’m going to be a published author!!! The publishing house, Clean Reads, has contracted Sketchy Tacos, my first travel YA novel. Mila’s summer in Mexico is going to be perfect. She has a plan. If only life would stick to it. After facing everything from a flash flood to Moctezuma’s revenge, from a romantic date for two to a gaggle of snide girls, teenage artist Mila Gulick finds the biggest challenge comes from the war within herself. Her heart, her art, and even her safety are at risk as she struggles to find a balance between cultural differences, old assumptions, and strange romance. Will her trip end in [...]

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25 Goals for My 25th Year

I loved setting high goals for myself last year. Having those goals out there for everyone to see continually pushed me out of my comfort zone. At times, I felt a little vulnerable, but I grew so much and had a fantastic time doing it. I loved having a whole year because this allows me to make some bigger goals and strive to set habits instead of one-offs. So this year I'm back with new categories and new heights to stretch myself for another stellar year! 1. Become a regular at a local cafe or lunch spot in Marburg, Germany. 2. Be serenaded on the canals in Venice, Italy. 3. Visit the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. 4. Munch on a pretzel [...]

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24 Goals: Final Update

I can't believe it! Another year is coming to a close. I'm going to be 25 on Sunday. While those of you who have already passed this point are going to laugh at me, I've still got to say it. Something seems different about 25. It seems older. I will officially be in my mid-twenties. I'm supposed to have my whole life figured out by now, right? (Ha!) And I can now rent a car. My hubby's happy cause our insurance costs should go down, lol. Looking back, it's been a great year. And I can say that with confidence, because I have this awesome record of all the things I've accomplished. I completed all but 5--3 of which have [...]

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So Many Books, So Little Time — 7.28.16

Hello all! Thanks for hanging with me over my unexpected two-week break. Some things shifted around in our schedules so that we had to take a vacation right away or we weren't going to get to take one this year. Since we're winding up for a crazy next 5 months, we took a relaxing vacation to Myrtle Beach. Days spent lounging in the sun and the 12-hour drive each way gave me a lot of reading time! So without further ado, these are a few of my favorite books for this month. Romantic Suspense I absolutely adored True Devotion by Dee Henderson... and I bought the next three in the series. It is the first in her military romance series entitled [...]

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So Many Books, So Little Time — 6.30.16

Wow! How fast this month has gone. I was writing May's book post just a moment ago and then I blinked. What happened? I've spent another month diving into romantic suspense and man have I found some good ones! I've recently gotten on Goodreads. If you're a reader, I highly recommend it. Feel free to drop by my profile to get the latest on the best inspirational and clean reads I've found. Romantic Suspense Submerged by Dani Pettrey is fast-paced, holding your breath, seat of your pants kind of novel. It's a ride from beginning to end and I absolutely loved... and everything else I've read by this author. Even better news, this e-book is free until the end of the [...]

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24 Goals: Third Quarter Update

Nine months ago, I set 24 goals on my 24th birthday. I thought I was doing really good until I counted them up a few seconds ago... Technically I have 10 out of 24 goals left. With only three months left, that makes me wince! Then I looked a little closer and I'm not quite as scared. Three have simply been postponed until the next birthday year and four are close to completion. All the others have been checked off. Having this list has been fantastic! (A) It reminds me of what I want and (B) when I have a day questioning if I'm getting anything done at all, I just have to look at my list and see what all I've [...]

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So Many Books, So Little Time — 5.26.16

Welcome to another month of awesome book recommendations. If you don't know it already, I read extensively. Seriously. Like, I've read or listened to nine books in the last two weeks. And I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting one. That's a lot even for me! But I'm researching Romantic Suspense at the moment because I'm pretty sure that's the new genre in which I'm going to start writing. It's exciting and scary and I'm absolutely loving it. So without further ado, here are a few recommendations that you will love too! Romantic Suspense The Negotiator is the first RS that legendary Dee Henderson wrote. If you read it, you'll understand why she's legendary. This novel had me hooked from the beginning and [...]

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So Many Books, So Little Time — 4.28.16

Ahhh, back to one of my favorite topics. I consume more books than ice cream, and that's saying something. So for those of you who love a good novel but don't have the time to try a bunch on for size, I've done the heavy lifting for you. Here are some of the best books in their respective categories. Romantic Comedy Warning! Do not read Miss Match by Erynn Mangum in public. I tried to read it on a plane and was laughing waaaaaaay too hard for polite society. This book had me rolling and it's one of only five books I've read more than once. (Btw, I'm so sad you guys can't see the old cover. It was so [...]

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