I’ve created some simple and inexpensive crafts & DIY for you. With ample pictures and easy instructions, anyone can do them! Enjoy.

Brighten Your Space with a Push-Pin Board

  As I've mentioned a few times, I am a writer. And as part of my writing process, I use a story board. It was very large and very white and taped right to the wall. It was not only unattractive, it also messed with the space. To be able to see the story cards, the arm chair had to face the wall. This looked awful when you entered the room and made us lose several feet of space in our very small room. I needed to make a change. And as redoing the office is one of my goals for this year, I figured what better place to start? The office is all brown--brown desk, brown book cases, brown [...]

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Make Decorative Pumpkins for $3 and a Frappuccino

So I am beginning a new segment on Beauty in the Mess: Crafts and DIY. This fits for two reasons. 1) I love crafts and this finally gives me a reason to dust off all those ideas and make them. 2) At least for me, crafting is creating beauty from mess--you should see my dining room table right now. My husband is not going to be happy... Right around this time last year we bought our first house. Fall rolled around and we did not put a single decoration up because we were too busy trying to figure out which box the mixer was in and where on earth I decided to hide my social security card for safe keeping. [...]

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