Everyone needs a little encouragement on their adventures. I want to lift you up and give you the courage to face any fear or obstacle.

Waiting for the Call

Telephone Series II by Sergio Ianni   In ninth grade I was dead set on majoring in musical theater and becoming a Broadway star. I loved acting and singing and had some talent. I took classes on the weekend and after school. I participated in every play I could find an audition for. I thought, this is my calling. This is what I'm meant to do with my life. Then I met a boy. I realized that living like a nomad meant I couldn't settle down. Having to keep my body perfect for the stage ruled out kids. To top it all off, the new musicals being produced were getting raunchier and raunchier. So I let go of [...]

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Rejection. It’s not the end.

Droplet by Marcin Jochimczyk Several months and many drafts ago I attended a writers conference where an agent said to me "It's good, but it's not good enough. Not interested." I managed to keep a smile on for the rest of the conversation. Then I hightailed it out of the reception and burst into tears. Rejection hurts. Really bad. This was not the first time I'd felt it. I'd been rejected by boys, my dream college, and kids at school. In high school, I didn't handle it well. To keep from getting rejected, I shut myself off. They couldn't reject me if I didn't give them anything to reject, right? It took me three years before I realized [...]

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Beauty and the Beast (otherwise known as the Mirror)

Reflections by Katie Tegtmeyer So yesterday I got a heat rash. Not super surprising, it is July after all. But when I look in the mirror, I start to wilt. I've got angry red patches creeping up my cheeks, blistering spots across my forehead and in my ears. To top it all off the cream I have to put on them makes me look like a big old grease ball. There are days that mirrors are just not my friend--when I've discovered a new constellation of zits or I've gained a few pounds or my hair decides to create a 'fro of frizz. As girls, we are decidedly hard on ourselves. We focus on the one flaw instead [...]

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