It’s the Little Things: Tea and other munchies

After a crazy day of revamping the site to better serve you, I'm finally back! This segment will usually be on Fridays, but I figure there's no reason to skip a week just because the site was down yesterday. Each week I want to take the time to get to know you and for you to know me. So we'll focus on what makes up life: the little things. Everybody has a favorite food. I'm not talking about that special, once a year meal you get on your birthday. I'm talking about that gotta have every day or the day is not complete food or drink. For my husband, it's premium coffee. For my sister, it's candy. For my mom, [...]

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Welcome to Beauty in the Mess

Fashion Jewelry by Ida04mcr1 Growing up my mother called me "the tornado" because she said I created a mess wherever I went. She meant that I left a trail of shoes and books and yarn in my wake, but so often it felt as if the things going on around me were a mess too. My high school days were littered with troubled relationships, piles of homework, and pressure all around. It was so easy to get lost in the little things that I would forget to see the whole wonderful picture. God used those days to shape me into a strong, smart, confident woman. I learned how to handle myself and the situations surrounded me. Sometimes it was hard and [...]

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