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24 Goals First-Quarter Update

Exactly three months ago, I set 24 goals on my 24th birthday. By the end of September I was panicking. "What have I done?" I thought. "I haven't completed a single thing!" So I got to work. I'm very pleased to say, I made good progress. A little more than I was even expecting. And, of course, in some places, not as much as I was hoping. All in all, I'd say I'm right on track. 1.    Gain 2,000 blog followers. Gain 200 blog followers. I am striking out this and the next point, not because I have accomplished them, but because I am reviewing and revamping my goals. I'm taking the blog back to what I originally intended--a place [...]

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Pursuing Your Passions

In a month from today, we will all be setting resolutions. These resolutions are based on our dreams, on our passions, on our heart's desires, but how often do those promises fizzle out and die in the first months. Why is that? Is it because we lose our passions? I think not. I am determined to find the root cause so nothing will hold me back in 2016 and beyond. Are you ready to wholeheartedly begin pursuing your passions? Here are a few things that I am passionate about: Writing novels. I truly believe that fiction can change the world one life at a time. Fiction has made me see some many things in a new light and helped me [...]

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My Mary Kay Experience

A funny thing happened on the way to my hotel room. Across the hall from me, the door was open, and I could see tables with white cloths, like it was set up for a meeting. I'm curious by nature, so I invented a reason to leave my room and see what on earth was going on. While walking back, I found myself face to face with a woman who asked me what I was up to that evening. When I said, "Not much." She invited me to a Mary Kay makeover night. As I had over an hour to kill and more than a week with little human contact, I thought why not? And so began my Mary Kay [...]

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The Leaves are Changing, So Must I

I love fall. I love pulling out my jeans and boots and sweaters. I love wrapping my hands around steaming mugs of tea to warm them in the crisp fall air. And I love the colors of fire dancing on the wind as the leaves turn and fall. It's a beautiful time. And a time of change. And I have certainly been needing a change. This summer has been a wonderful, mercurial, and ridiculously busy time. I've barely seen my house, finished my first novel, prepared for and attended a conference, kicked off the application season for my editing business, and started this blog. I've had a blast learning about blogging. And have an entirely new respect for those who [...]

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How To Do A Lot With A Little Money

The day after my husband and I got married we moved to Mexico. My husband is from Mexico and was recalled there for work. I was only there on a visitor's visa, so I couldn't work and didn't know enough Spanish to have gotten a job even if I could. So for most of the first year we lived on one salary, and though it was a great salary by Mexico's standards, it was only about $1,400 a month. Even with our little salary, we had big dreams, so we quickly had to learn how to do a lot with a little money. And yet, it in that first year we were able to buy and spoil a puppy and [...]

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The Liebster Award!

The Busy Life has been live for just under two months. During that time I've learned so much about blogging and the blogging community. But that doesn't even compare to how much I've learned about myself! Becoming a blogger has been an awesome, crazy, confusing journey and I can't wait to see what the future will bring. I am so humbled and honored to announce that The Busy Life has won it's first award--the Liebster Award! I want to thank Yannivlovely for this nomination.  WHAT IS THE NEWBIE BLOGGER LIEBSTER AWARD? The Newbie Blogging Liebster Award is an award given to new bloggers, usually for those who have less than 200 followers (I calculated this my looking at Bloglovin'), by other [...]

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Happy Birthday: 24 Goals for My 24th Year

Today is my birthday! I can't believe I'm turning 24. That is how old my mother was when she had me... which I find a little scary. When I look back at this year, it truly just flew. And because of that, I didn't accomplish all the things that I wanted to. To be fair, it's not entirely clear to me what I wanted to accomplish. This year, I say no more. So I am coming up with 24 goals for my 24th year. And I'm going to have you hold me to them. Some are big and some are small, but all of them are important to me. This time next year, I will not be able to say [...]

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