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Rediscover the Fun in Make-Up: Beauty Products Reveal

It's been at least a year and a half since I've bought anything other than a refill on my concealer. I can't tell you how long I've been using the same three sets of eyeshadow for everything. Make-up had become the necessary evil to hide those hideous bags under my eyes. But I remember the days when I used to find fun in make-up. I tried wild combinations of eyeshadows with glittery blue liquid liner. I used to sit down at the dressing table with a sense of excitement. "What will I try today?" Then I grew up and my neon green shadow was replaced with a sensible set of neutrals. I stopped using my brushes in lieu of the [...]

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Easy French Pedicure

I love getting pedicures! Soaking my feet in the warm water and having them scrubbed until they're soft and smooth makes me feel so relaxed. Leaving the salon with that perfect polish that lasts for weeks makes me feel spoiled and feminine. But I have very little "free" money and when I do, it usually goes toward things like books and clothes. So how to get the luxury for less? I did a little experimenting and you'll never guess how easy it is to give yourself a stunning french pedicure. And you need only three household objects (in addition to your favorite nail polishes): Olive oil Sea salt (regular salt or sugar will do) Post-it notes! First we'll start with the [...]

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Find the Best Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color

I’m standing in front of two isles of beauty products at Walmart thinking, “Where do I even begin?” So many choices can be daunting without any kind of guidance. And while I’d love to walk up to the beauty counter at Macy’s and let the lovely assistant pick out everything for me, I simply can’t afford it. So I spurge on the foundation and cover up–cause I definitely need that everyday–and do my best to find drugstore brands for the little pop of color. Let me tell you, that has not always worked out so well. I have this horrible blue palette in my make-up bag that makes me grimace every time I see it. I’d thought “Blue eyes = [...]

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Modesty as an Attitude (and less of a skirt length)

So as I researched other Christian girl blogs, I found that modesty was a topic almost all had talked about. Project Inspired's What a Bikini Taught Me About Modesty and Set Apart Girl's A Closet Without Conformity made some interesting points--some of which I agreed with, some of which I did not. Mostly, they got me thinking about the topic again. For the past two years, I hadn't given a thought to modesty. From the moment I said "I do," I didn't stop to consider the modesty question because I could wear whatever I wanted in front of my husband and I was no longer searching for the attention of other guys. From then on, it was simply, "Do I feel comfortable?" [...]

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When You Don’t Have Time (or Want) to Exercise

Many people, between school, work, family, friends, activities, etc., don't have time to exercise. I know when I have free time, the last things I want to do is drag my butt off the couch and go exercise. I'd have to turn off Netflix, change my clothes, and I would probably sweat. I hate sweating. But it is very important to take care of yourself. Eating well and staying fit help you to fight off the sickness that get passed around the halls and, as an added bonus, it can better your mood. Even knowing all that, I still struggle to make the time. If you struggle with finding the time to exercise too, there is a way to stay toned without giving up [...]

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Uplifting Fashion and Modesty through Humility

Guest poster Rachel is the writer behind À LA MODEST. A Christian mom-to-be and a wife, she writes about beauty and fashion aimed at battling insecurity through inspiration and faith! She examines media with a critical eye while focusing on what is divinely feminine. So without further ado, here is Rachel's Q&A. (And feel free to ask a few Qs of your own!) 1. How can beauty and fashion be uplifting?  Just like music, movies, or any kind of art form, beauty and fashion can be used to uplift---to uplift our spirits when our physical bodies are tired and worn out. This seems ironic, because you may think that the spirit and the body are completely separate. However, when we allow [...]

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Beauty and the Beast (otherwise known as the Mirror)

Reflections by Katie Tegtmeyer So yesterday I got a heat rash. Not super surprising, it is July after all. But when I look in the mirror, I start to wilt. I've got angry red patches creeping up my cheeks, blistering spots across my forehead and in my ears. To top it all off the cream I have to put on them makes me look like a big old grease ball. There are days that mirrors are just not my friend--when I've discovered a new constellation of zits or I've gained a few pounds or my hair decides to create a 'fro of frizz. As girls, we are decidedly hard on ourselves. We focus on the one flaw instead [...]

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