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The New Kid

That's me in the glasses, rocking the socks and sandals. In the middle of fifth grade, my parents moved me to a whole new state and a whole new set of social rules. Welcome new kid! ...or not. At the age of twelve, the friend groups had already been formed and were cemented by years of slumber parties and inside jokes I could never understand. I tried group after group of girls, trying to find one that I clicked with, but the clique kept winning out. Being the new kid is rough at any age, for any type of person. I am an introvert, so going out and making friends is a struggle in any circumstance. I'm only now [...]

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Fighting Fair

Monday's post was on ways to express disagreements without turning them into fights. But what to do when the fight has already broken out? Knights by Jorge Vincente 1) Don't make broad statements. I'm sure you've heard the "don't say 'never' and 'always'" because the definite statements are rarely true. I'm going to take it a step farther. In the heat of the moment, you might be tempted to say "I can't stand you any more," but don't! Statements like this are hurtful for no reason and can cause lasting damage. And, it's likely, that once the anger has blown over you'll realize you don't mean them. If you really feel the need to blurt something to show [...]

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A Degree in Heathy Disagreement

Alan and Megan on May 11, 2013 So when I got married, I knew that our relationship wouldn't be all rainbows and butterflies. Someone would have to take out the trash after all. But I had no idea how messy and frustrating combining two lives could be. Though we love each other dearly, we bicker frequently over things little and big. I know for many of you, this may sound familiar when you're thinking of your parents. Disagreements are a part of life, because no two people are the same. What matters is how you handle those disagreements. Because my husband and I love each other, we work to improve our relationship. We're constantly learning how to better communicate [...]

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Green-Eyed Envy

Green Eyes by Justine Furmanczyk So I thought I didn't struggle with envy when I heard our pastor, John M., speak on it last Sunday. Then I walked into the super swanky, ultra rich Upper East Side in Manhattan. I watched diamonds glitter at Tiffanies. I inhaled hand-sewn leather totes at Louis Vutton. I dared to try on a pair of $600+ sunglasses at Gucci. We walked into Harry Winston, and the clerks didn't even bother pausing their conversation about a weekend party. We weren't worth their time. And in crept the wistful if only's... The $46,000 Louis Vutton packing trunk. Hmm... I think I'll take two. But that is crazy. Here I am on the [...]

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It’s the Little Things: Travel

My friend Elizabeth and I have been dreaming of traveling together to New York since high school. This week we are making that dream a reality. Getting lost in the subway. Yesterday we flew into Manhattan and hit the ground running. We got lost on the subway trying to find Times Square. When we finall got there, we stood in awe of the hundreds of screens/billboards and the thousands of people pulsing through this city center. Then we traipsed a few blocks North to the heart of the fancy pants district—the Plaza. Due to our mutual and deep love for movies, having tea at the Plaza was high on our list of to-dos and I'm glad to say [...]

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Rejection. It’s not the end.

Droplet by Marcin Jochimczyk Several months and many drafts ago I attended a writers conference where an agent said to me "It's good, but it's not good enough. Not interested." I managed to keep a smile on for the rest of the conversation. Then I hightailed it out of the reception and burst into tears. Rejection hurts. Really bad. This was not the first time I'd felt it. I'd been rejected by boys, my dream college, and kids at school. In high school, I didn't handle it well. To keep from getting rejected, I shut myself off. They couldn't reject me if I didn't give them anything to reject, right? It took me three years before I realized [...]

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Oh Boy!

Macrocosm by Martin Walls Recently a reader asked some really great questions about guys and dating that I think a lot of girls might be asking. 1. How do you prepare your heart for a Godly relationship? You pray that God is preparing your heart. But beyond that, there's not a lot you can do. It's different than everything else, and honestly it's really scary. At some point you have to decide to trust them with everything--your hopes, your fears, your heart. That requires opening yourself up for hurt, and with the wrong person it will hurt. But with the right one, it will be worth it. 2. How do you know if what you got is the real [...]

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Psst… Did You Hear?

Gossip Girl 1 by Sanja Gjenero "Promise you won't tell anyone." ​ How often is this phrase used? How often do we say, "Sure!" but then turn around and tell another friend, using the exact same phrase? I know I've done it. And without meaning to, I've started gossiping. Ask Health says, gossiping is sharing a shocking or personal detail about someone else. When we begin to gossip we hurt not only others but also ourselves. Someone who gossips will begin to find themselves isolated because friends will know they can't be trusted to keep the information. Their honesty will be questioned because they've broken a promise to gain a quick laugh or a moment of superiority. And when the [...]

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It’s Not a Moving Train

Steam by Randen Pederson All throughout high school and college, my mother would tell me "A relationship is not a moving train. You can always get off." As a girl, I felt a lot of pressure to find a good Christian guy and get married. My parents got married at the ripe old ages of nineteen and twenty... Just to turn up the heat on that pressure cooker. As a result, my relationships got real serious, real fast. One minute we'd be on the first date, the next we're saying those three little words, and then before I could take a breath we're talking about wedding dates and baby names. And then I see the first red flag. [...]

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