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Discover Rome Part 2: History Around Every Corner

Rome was so amazing that I simply could not fit it into a single post. So here is Discover Rome Part 2--a sampling of some of the many other delights that we found while in Rome. One of the most amazing things about Rome is that everywhere you walk, you bump into something beautiful and historic. The city was littered with little plazas and eateries everywhere. The food was incredible and the architecture was even more so. You could seriously spend weeks combing the city and not find everything there was to see. I've highlighted three of the biggest attractions below, but I want to also mention the Pantheon (and the little Antique Salumeria on its square), the Spanish Steps, [...]

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Who I Am: Adventurer (And What’s in It for You)

If you've been around the last couple weeks, you'll know that I've been working through some of Chris Guillebeau's awesome resources on his The Art of Non-Conformity website. Why, you might ask? Because I'm trying to create some of my own awesome resources for you. By nature, I am a Maven--a collector and distributor of information. (Just ask my friend, Melissa. I think I recommend a book or article to her about every other day.) So what does that mean for this site? I was ashamed to realize/admit, I've been doing a horrible job of giving you great information. Apart from offering blog posts I hope you'll like and find enriching, I've been keeping a lot of my knowledge to [...]

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Discover Rome Part 1: The Colosseum 

Rome! We finally made it! Alan and I were both looking forward to discovering this incredible city. Everywhere you turn, there's a statue or fountain or square of importance. It's really cool. We devoted our first full day to the Roman forum, Paladine Hill, and Colosseum. Now it would've been really easy to just walk around and think "Ooo, more rocks," so I insisted we get a tour. Ruins need explanation. And our tour guide painted an incredible picture. And I, of course, want to share it with you! So welcome to Discover Rome: The Colosseum. Sunday The Roman forum was flooded and buried so that there are level upon level of history. The lower you go, the earlier the [...]

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Discover Sienna: A Tour of Tuscany

Welcome back to part three of the 12-day backpacking tour through Germany and Italy. Next stop: Tuscany. Here is the land of rolling hills, ripe vineyards, and authentic Italian cuisine. It was the perfect place to rest after the frantic pace of Munich and the madness of Venice. The relaxed air of the town helped us destress and have a fabulous time. Discover Sienna with us! Thursday We spent most of the day traveling. The train ride from Venice to Sienna gave us a chance to unwind. We got to the cute B&B in the city's center and immediately booked a trip to a Tuscan vineyard. Oh my goodness! We had a four-course dinner along with antipasti. It was delicious! We [...]

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World Domination and other Life Goals

Here yea, here yea! All hail Empress Meg! Oh, no wait. That was just a nice little dream I had. I'm awake now. You may or may not remember, that as a part of my 25 goals for this year, I'm bent on edu-ma-cating myself. Right now, I'm taking a class called Instant Bestseller by Tim Grahl, who's a pretty awesome, super smart dude. In addition to watching videos that make me go out and do stuff like start an amazing newsletter *cough, cough, Please sign up! cough, cough*, I sometimes have reading assignments. Which is how I came to discover Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity community, and A Brief Guide to World Domination. If you like tongue-in-cheek, motivational guides, [...]

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Discover Venice

Welcome back to part two of the 12-day backpacking trip. Discover Venice with us. Our experience was, at times, wonderful and awful. Altogether, I loved the city, but left with mixed feelings about the experience. Find out why.   Tuesday We arrived in Venice at about 4 and promptly got lost. I didn't mind. I loved the narrow, winding paths of stone and the little bridges over the channels that served as roads. We finally found our way to the hostel and checked in. We got a recommendation for a little restaurant around the corner and I had my first taste of Italian pasta. I got some kind of hand made tagliatelle and cream sauce. Delicious. It was dark by [...]

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Discover Munich: 3 Days in Bavaria

Welcome to the first of a five-part series on our 12-day trek through Germany and Italy. And I do mean trek, my husband, Alan, somehow convince me to backpack. Backpack! What was I thinking?! Anyway, we had a fabulous time and I'm so excited to share my adventure with you, starting with Munich! Saturday We traveled from Frankfurt to Munich on a train. It took about 3 hours. Alan slept and I read... surprise, surprise! When we got there and checked in, we were instructed to a lovely little Bavarian cafe near the U station. I got an amazing noodle, egg and ham dish that had fresh parsley and a lot of fine pepper. It was delicious! After, we wandered [...]

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25 Goals for My 25th Year

I loved setting high goals for myself last year. Having those goals out there for everyone to see continually pushed me out of my comfort zone. At times, I felt a little vulnerable, but I grew so much and had a fantastic time doing it. I loved having a whole year because this allows me to make some bigger goals and strive to set habits instead of one-offs. So this year I'm back with new categories and new heights to stretch myself for another stellar year! 1. Become a regular at a local cafe or lunch spot in Marburg, Germany. 2. Be serenaded on the canals in Venice, Italy. 3. Visit the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. 4. Munch on a pretzel [...]

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Back to the Basics: Rediscovering My Love of Blogging

Hello lovely people. I have just returned from a bout of crazy busyness. And I'll admit right now, when times are tough, my blog is one of the first things to go because I've forgotten why I got into this in the first place. I've gotten too busy with editorial calendars and trying to make every post fit into a certain category, that I've forgotten to just talk to you.So today, I'm going back to the basics. I'll tell you my story and what's going on in my life, in the hopes that maybe you'll share a little of your life with me too. Two weeks ago, I went to Hawaii with my grandmother. She's been wanting to go her whole [...]

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How To Do A Lot With A Little Money

The day after my husband and I got married we moved to Mexico. My husband is from Mexico and was recalled there for work. I was only there on a visitor's visa, so I couldn't work and didn't know enough Spanish to have gotten a job even if I could. So for most of the first year we lived on one salary, and though it was a great salary by Mexico's standards, it was only about $1,400 a month. Even with our little salary, we had big dreams, so we quickly had to learn how to do a lot with a little money. And yet, it in that first year we were able to buy and spoil a puppy and [...]

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