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Will You Marry Me? An Unusual Engagement

My then-boyfriend was taking me to Mexico for the first time. To make sure I had a fantastic impression, he got us each our own rooms at a lovely resort a block from the beach in Playa del Carmen.  Though I wasn't supposed to know it, he was just too excited to actually keep the secret. He was going to propose. On our last day there, he had the whole day planned. It was his birthday after all. Not the Cenotes. Our camera was stolen shortly after our engagement, so our photos are limited to the couple we uploaded to Facebook before it was taken. We started the morning at the Cenotes. They were these gorgeous freshwater pools. [...]

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Prepare for Success: 3 Tips for Trips

For the longest time, I would zip my suitcase shut only to have my chest clench and my stomach drop. I knew I'd forgotten something necessary for my travels...but I no idea what. Sound familiar? Last night I packed up for my first American Christian Fiction Writers' (ACFW) Conference in Dallas, TX. For three days, I'll be surrounded by industry professionals and other hopefuls in a conference designed, in part, to make or break new authors. No pressure. I have to be poised and ready to pitch at any moment to any one. This is not the time to forget my hairbrush. So I employed the help of my awesome husband and his worry-free packing method to help me prepare for success. Start [...]

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It’s the Little Things: Travel

My friend Elizabeth and I have been dreaming of traveling together to New York since high school. This week we are making that dream a reality. Getting lost in the subway. Yesterday we flew into Manhattan and hit the ground running. We got lost on the subway trying to find Times Square. When we finall got there, we stood in awe of the hundreds of screens/billboards and the thousands of people pulsing through this city center. Then we traipsed a few blocks North to the heart of the fancy pants district—the Plaza. Due to our mutual and deep love for movies, having tea at the Plaza was high on our list of to-dos and I'm glad to say [...]

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