How to Have Faith When You Question Religion

Adapted from original post on September 2015.

Last year I put out a call on Facebook, asking readers to tell me what they’d like to hear more about on The Busy Life. The response was: How to have faith when you question religion? I have to say, my heart just about stopped when I read it. This is a very hard, but a very important question. I pray I can do it justice, but please speak up in the comments section and help me out!

How to Have Faith When You Question Religion

Sometimes looking at religious institutions, and even religious leaders, can be discouraging. Pettiness, deceit, and hateful actions and words are just a few of the issues facing churches today. I was at a church for many years that was in a horrible cycle. One of its many problems was that people would come, I and others would connect with them, then they would leave in very damaging ways.

It got to the point that even after I left that church, I could not trust church people. At my new church, I sometimes literally hid to escape the kindness of the people. These new people were loving on me and caring for me, but I would cringe because of the hurtful situation I’d been in before.

For a long time, I was mad that this had happened. I was sick of church politics and I didn’t want to get involved. And it made me very skittish about staying at a church and connecting with the people. It took a lot of prayer and some godly counseling from an outside source before I was finally able to open my heart again.

open your heart again

But during this whole thing I never lost faith. I always knew that God was there. Sure, I was frustrated with Him at times. I even questioned His decisions. But when I cried out to Him in pain, after all the anger and the tears, I could hear His still, small voice. I could feel His presence, like arms holding me.

“Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. -Mark 11:22

Faith is your trust and belief that Jesus is our Lord and savior. He died on the cross because he loved you so much that He wanted to take your sins on Himself so that you could spent eternity with Him–free from the pains of this world.

Your faith should not be tied to religion. Even the best of institutions will fail you at times. They are run by flawed human beings after all. Faith is tied to one thing alone–God. And He is perfect. Even though that doesn’t mean our lives will be.

My last point is that not all religious institutions are bad and just because you’ve had a bad experience doesn’t mean you should swear them off altogether. The church is the bride of Christ. Jesus set up this institution so that we can fellowship with other believers, so that we are not alone in our triumphs and our sorrows. If you haven’t found the right place for you, I urge you to keep searching. Because now, I and my family have wonderful church families who love and support us. I am blessed to have these people in my life. So blessed.

Hold on to your face. It's the one solid place you can take refuge.

So even though you might be going through a difficult period, hold on to your faith. It is the one solid place in which you can take refuge. And if you are struggling, talk to someone. Talk to me! Getting an outside look on your inside pain can help you find new ways to deal with your struggles, and eventually find healing. And know that I’ll be praying for you.

How would you respond to the question: How to have faith when you question religion? Have you had this question? Do you still? How have you overcome struggles with religion? How has holding onto your faith helped you in troubled times?

I’ll be praying for you.

Megan Gonzalez

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  1. Joanna September 17, 2017 at 8:25 am - Reply

    I think we need to remember that churches are made of people. And we all have our flaws. As in the scripture you quoted our faith needs to be placed in God, in the first place. When we join churches and groups that are far from perfect we need to remember about grace and love that God shows to everyone, not just chosen few.

  2. Heather with WELLFITandFED June 17, 2016 at 6:32 pm - Reply

    I have been definitely having to lean in a ton lately and this was a great reminder of that. It is so hard when people are hurting and nothing makes sense. I just sit and say WHY? It is good to remember that He knows what is best and what glory to good tragedy will bring.

  3. Rachel G June 16, 2016 at 7:50 pm - Reply

    I’ve never questioned “religion” itself, necessarily. For me, it’s pretty easy to mentally separate the actions of humans from the love of Christ. His love should infiltrate all of our actions and the way we live–but there’s a disconnect somewhere, because living and loving like Christ isn’t the norm. For me, the way I think about it is that I don’t blame Jesus for the disobedience of his children. He is still good even when those who claim to follow him aren’t.

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