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My friend Elizabeth and I have been dreaming of traveling together to New York since high school. This week we are making that dream a reality.

Getting lost in the subway.

Getting lost in the subway.

Yesterday we flew into Manhattan and hit the ground running. We got lost on the subway trying to find Times Square. When we finall got there, we stood in awe of the hundreds of screens/billboards and the thousands of people pulsing through this city center.

Then we traipsed a few blocks North to the heart of the fancy pants district—the Plaza. Due to our mutual and deep love for movies, having tea at the Plaza was high on our list of to-dos and I’m glad to say we tah-did it!

Afternoon tea at the Plaza.

Afternoon tea at the Plaza.

Traveling has been a long time passion of mine – from little cities near me to Europe and one day Asia. I have a list of dream trips in a mile long, and I’m getting to fulfill this one because of my awesome husband.

So what about you? What is your dream trip? Have you gone on an awesome adventure already? Tell us about it!

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