Adventures and Victories Week 11

Another crazy week under my belt in this new year. Tell me, is the weather as crazy where you are as it is here? We’ve been rocketing back and forth between 30 and 60 degrees since Christmas. My poor head is begging for a stable climate! Oh well. On to this week’s adventures and victories. Minor Victory: I created a new bullet journal design for my daily page. It's simpler and so much faster to create. I love making fancy pages when I have time, but too often I don't. I'm loving this new super simple page since it works the exactly the same as my fancier page. If you're interested in bullet journals--which I love because I can track my ENTIRE [...]

Adventures and Victories Week 9

Hi everyone! How are you doing this fine Friday? It's been a busy week for me, but a good one. If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I'm ramping up for the launch of Sketchy Tacos--my YA travel novel that will be released on February 7. I am beginning my SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOP phase. Because I'm super excited... so excited that I might have gone a little overboard on the creation of merchandise front--not to sell, just for me :). Be sure to check out my Instagram page. They can print on all sorts of things now. It's pretty cool. Vicarious Adventure: This week I've really been enjoying There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones. It's been a [...]

Adventures and Victories Week 6

Hi everyone! Can you believe Christmas is tomorrow?! I really can't. It does not seem real. Maybe because this year we didn't set up a tree--long story. But I'm looking forward to spending time with family... and my mom's fudge. Yum! What are you most looking forward to about Christmas this year?  Ongoing Adventure: I've been working on the outline for Sketchy Tacos 2. It's taking longer than I'd hoped with the holiday craziness, but yesterday, I started getting all 100+ index cards into story form. It felt really good. I'm getting super excited about it! Mini-Victory: I survived my last minute Christmas shopping experience. I've never been in the last minute Christmas shopping crowd before and it was nuts! With the [...]

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When You Don’t Have Time (or Want) to Exercise

Many people, between school, work, family, friends, activities, etc., don't have time to exercise. I know when I have free time, the last things I want to do is drag my butt off the couch and go exercise. I'd have to turn off Netflix, change my clothes, and I would probably sweat. I hate sweating. But it is very important to take care of yourself. Eating well and staying fit help you to fight off the sickness that get passed around the halls and, as an added bonus, it can better your mood. Even knowing all that, I still struggle to make the time. If you struggle with finding the time to exercise too, there is a way to stay toned without giving up [...]

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