The Importance of Dreaming Big

Originally published as a guest post on Talk Less, Say More. “I want to be a doctor, a ballerina, and a house-builder.” At my kindergarten graduation, this was my answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As kids, we know how to dream big, don’t we? But it seems like somewhere along the way between high school and college and needing a job that will pay the rent, we seem to forget those big dream. Instead of setting our eyes on the horizon, we set our eyes on the weekend to the time when we can binge-watch our current Netflix obsession. Don’t get me wrong, we need time to relax and unwind. But [...]

Book Launch Breakdown

So before I launched my first novel, Sketchy Tacos, I had no idea what went into a book launch. For a long time, I harbored visions of the good old days when all an author had to do was write the book. Then the publishing machine would take the pretty book and get it out into the world. That vision is no longer reality. In addition to an author, a writer now much also be a publicist, marketer, and amateur web designer to name a few. So once the book is written, the work has only just begun. Three months of prep went into the book launch. To get my full launch plan enter your email below (or click here [...]

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

So the 12-days in Europe backpacking extravaganza (check out my posts on Munich, Venice, Sienna, and Rome Part 1 or Part 2) is the thing daydreams are made of. What you may not know is that this was our vacation in the midst of a 10-week assignment in Europe for my husband's job. Being the writer/blogger/editor that I am, I stepped outside my Indiana comfort zone and tagged along for the entire trip. Now, I understand that 10 weeks in Europe sounds gloriously adventurous--and it is in many ways. But it's a whole other animal when you're there to work. There was one stretch of four days where I never left the hotel. Not kidding. Not even to eat. I had peanut [...]

World Domination and other Life Goals

Here yea, here yea! All hail Empress Meg! Oh, no wait. That was just a nice little dream I had. I'm awake now. You may or may not remember, that as a part of my 25 goals for this year, I'm bent on edu-ma-cating myself. Right now, I'm taking a class called Instant Bestseller by Tim Grahl, who's a pretty awesome, super smart dude. In addition to watching videos that make me go out and do stuff like start an amazing newsletter *cough, cough, Please sign up! cough, cough*, I sometimes have reading assignments. Which is how I came to discover Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity community, and A Brief Guide to World Domination. If you like tongue-in-cheek, motivational guides, [...]

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24 Goals: Final Update

I can't believe it! Another year is coming to a close. I'm going to be 25 on Sunday. While those of you who have already passed this point are going to laugh at me, I've still got to say it. Something seems different about 25. It seems older. I will officially be in my mid-twenties. I'm supposed to have my whole life figured out by now, right? (Ha!) And I can now rent a car. My hubby's happy cause our insurance costs should go down, lol. Looking back, it's been a great year. And I can say that with confidence, because I have this awesome record of all the things I've accomplished. I completed all but 5--3 of which have [...]

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24 Goals: Third Quarter Update

Nine months ago, I set 24 goals on my 24th birthday. I thought I was doing really good until I counted them up a few seconds ago... Technically I have 10 out of 24 goals left. With only three months left, that makes me wince! Then I looked a little closer and I'm not quite as scared. Three have simply been postponed until the next birthday year and four are close to completion. All the others have been checked off. Having this list has been fantastic! (A) It reminds me of what I want and (B) when I have a day questioning if I'm getting anything done at all, I just have to look at my list and see what all I've [...]

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Halfway There! 24 Goals Update

Six months ago, I set 24 goals on my 24th birthday. By the end of September I was panicking. "What have I done?" I thought. "I haven't completed a single thing!" So I got to work. I'm very pleased to say, I've made good progress. A little more than I was even expecting. And, of course, in some places, not as much as I was hoping. All in all, I'd say I'm right on track. I also want to say welcome back! Thanks for hanging tight through my short break. I've had a lot of good, crazy things happing these past couple months and I can't wait to share them with you in the coming weeks. 1.    Gain 200 blog [...]

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24 Goals First-Quarter Update

Exactly three months ago, I set 24 goals on my 24th birthday. By the end of September I was panicking. "What have I done?" I thought. "I haven't completed a single thing!" So I got to work. I'm very pleased to say, I made good progress. A little more than I was even expecting. And, of course, in some places, not as much as I was hoping. All in all, I'd say I'm right on track. 1.    Gain 2,000 blog followers. Gain 200 blog followers. I am striking out this and the next point, not because I have accomplished them, but because I am reviewing and revamping my goals. I'm taking the blog back to what I originally intended--a place [...]

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Pursuing Your Passions

In a month from today, we will all be setting resolutions. These resolutions are based on our dreams, on our passions, on our heart's desires, but how often do those promises fizzle out and die in the first months. Why is that? Is it because we lose our passions? I think not. I am determined to find the root cause so nothing will hold me back in 2016 and beyond. Are you ready to wholeheartedly begin pursuing your passions? Here are a few things that I am passionate about: Writing novels. I truly believe that fiction can change the world one life at a time. Fiction has made me see some many things in a new light and helped me [...]

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How To Do A Lot With A Little Money

The day after my husband and I got married we moved to Mexico. My husband is from Mexico and was recalled there for work. I was only there on a visitor's visa, so I couldn't work and didn't know enough Spanish to have gotten a job even if I could. So for most of the first year we lived on one salary, and though it was a great salary by Mexico's standards, it was only about $1,400 a month. Even with our little salary, we had big dreams, so we quickly had to learn how to do a lot with a little money. And yet, it in that first year we were able to buy and spoil a puppy and [...]

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