25 Goals: Third Quarter Update + “Rock Your 2017 Goals” Workbook

How are we midway through 2017? I swear there was snow on the ground just yesterday! But this is by far my favorite time of the year. I love the warm weather, afternoons spent our sides, Alan grilling (with the added bonus of me not having to cook!), and all the other wonderful things that go along with summer. I've actually made a lot of progress on my goals! There are only three that I haven't completed. That's a little early for this point in the year, so next year, I'll have to go harder on myself. It's such a hard task to find goals that are both accomplishable in one year, but also challenging enough. How about you? How [...]

25 Goals: Second Quarter Update + “Rock Your 2017 Goals” Workbook

I can't believe it's already time for my second quarter update! This year is flying by so fast! But when I went through all my goals this year, I've found I'm making pretty great progress! I think it helps to have the goals at the front of my bullet journal for easy reference. It's a fast reminder to keep pushing forward and make daily progress. How are your 2017 goals going? Ready for a revamp? I've created this awesome Rock Your 2017 Goals workbook to help you plan and accomplish your goals this coming year. Sign up below to get FREE access. [convertkit form=4950215] 1. Become a regular at a local cafe or lunch spot in Marburg, Germany. At Paprika, I [...]

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5 Questions to Help You Choose Your Next Vacation Location

Itching to travel once again? But how to choose the next vacation location? This is the dilemma that my hubby and I face every time we get hit by the wander bug... which is about every 2-3 months. We love to travel and explore new cities or sometimes just get away to relax. But as much as we love vacations, vacation planning can be stressful! How to choose when there's literally a whole world of options. 1.  Are you looking to relax, discover, revisit, or go on an adventure?  This is the quickest way to eliminate options. You want to relax? Consider the beach or a cabin in the mountains. You want to discover? Consider a city or locale you've [...]

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Discover Amsterdam: Tips to Travel Europe Part 6

So we picked a bad day to visit Amsterdam for one reason: the marathon. We spent over an hour trying to get to our parking spot, but it simply could not be done. So we finally gave up and picked a random spot to park, which is how we learned that parking is free on Sundays. We walked around aimlessly until we found a jam-packed brunch spot. (This is my husband #2 trick to find a great restaurant while traveling: Look for a crowd. His #1 is checking Trip Advisor.) My trick for finding the best food? Ask the waitress. This is what she gave me. I've now discovered the were a type of Dutch doughnut called an Oliebollen, topped [...]

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25 Goals: First Quarter Update + “Rock Your 2017 Goals” Workbook

Three months since I set my 25 goals. How crazy is that? I've managed to cross off 7 of the 25 goals, and I've made a sizable dent in a few of the others. I'm starting to feel like the ones I have left are pretty difficult. But then again, what kind of goal would it be if it didn't push me out of my comfort zone? Have you begun working on your goals for 2017 yet? I've created this awesome Rock Your 2017 Goals workbook to help you plan and accomplish your goals this coming year. Sign up below to get FREE access. [convertkit form=4950215] 1. Become a regular at a local cafe or lunch spot in Marburg, Germany. At Paprika, [...]

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Adventures and Victories: Week 3

I'd originally wanted to title this segment Everyday Adventures. My husband argued that wasn't the best title when my adventures consisted of visiting castles and wandering the streets of Europe, but now I'm back home and I see the appeal of the title once more. It's not as easy to identify adventures in my day-to-day life back in Indiana, but that's why it's even more important that I do so. Identifying the adventures both big and small in my life keeps my mind in a positive outlook. And it makes all the difference! Big Adventure: I'm beginning work on Book 2 in the International Adventures series! I've got a pretty good grasp on the main plot points. So now I'm [...]

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Discover Rome Part 2: History Around Every Corner

Rome was so amazing that I simply could not fit it into a single post. So here is Discover Rome Part 2--a sampling of some of the many other delights that we found while in Rome. One of the most amazing things about Rome is that everywhere you walk, you bump into something beautiful and historic. The city was littered with little plazas and eateries everywhere. The food was incredible and the architecture was even more so. You could seriously spend weeks combing the city and not find everything there was to see. I've highlighted three of the biggest attractions below, but I want to also mention the Pantheon (and the little Antique Salumeria on its square), the Spanish Steps, [...]

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Adventures & Victories: Week 1

I'm trying something new. For at least the next 10 weeks, every Friday, I'm going to post 5 everyday adventures and victories. It's my version of the Thankful Thursday or the 100 Happy Days challenge. I am striving to change my mindset and see what might once have been a drudgery as an everyday adventure or victories. I came. I saw. I conquered the tiny European shower. As funny as this sounds, I am most proud of my victory over the shower. The first week I was here, I flooded the bathroom. Every. Single. Day. And I seriously mean flooded, wading through water kind of flooded. Now I am able to shower without getting a single drop outside of the [...]

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Discover Rome Part 1: The Colosseum 

Rome! We finally made it! Alan and I were both looking forward to discovering this incredible city. Everywhere you turn, there's a statue or fountain or square of importance. It's really cool. We devoted our first full day to the Roman forum, Paladine Hill, and Colosseum. Now it would've been really easy to just walk around and think "Ooo, more rocks," so I insisted we get a tour. Ruins need explanation. And our tour guide painted an incredible picture. And I, of course, want to share it with you! So welcome to Discover Rome: The Colosseum. Sunday The Roman forum was flooded and buried so that there are level upon level of history. The lower you go, the earlier the [...]

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Discover Venice

Welcome back to part two of the 12-day backpacking trip. Discover Venice with us. Our experience was, at times, wonderful and awful. Altogether, I loved the city, but left with mixed feelings about the experience. Find out why.   Tuesday We arrived in Venice at about 4 and promptly got lost. I didn't mind. I loved the narrow, winding paths of stone and the little bridges over the channels that served as roads. We finally found our way to the hostel and checked in. We got a recommendation for a little restaurant around the corner and I had my first taste of Italian pasta. I got some kind of hand made tagliatelle and cream sauce. Delicious. It was dark by [...]

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